Downgrade your subscription

Downgrade your subscription to initiate a downgrade, please follow these steps:

  1. Access your user account
  2. On the new requested package, click "Downgrade.
  3. Confirm the downgrade selection.

Please note that the downgrade will take effect on the next billing cycle. Until the subscription period ends, you can continue using any remaining credits.

Downgrade your subscription

What happens to the unused portion of your higher plan?

Rest assured, you won't lose out on anything. We'll credit back the unused portion of your higher plan, and this credit will be applied to your account. So, you can enjoy the benefits of your unused credits without any worries. The credited amount will be available for you to use until the end of your subscription period.

I want to upgrade again, what do I do?

If you have initiated a downgrade, requesting an upgrade is as simple as canceling the downgrade request. When you cancel the downgrade, no charges will occur, and you will revert back to your original package. This allows you to upgrade again without any issues or additional fees. Simply let us know that you wish to cancel the downgrade, and we'll ensure a seamless transition back to your desired package.

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